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Peace of mind is fairly inexpensive. With AXA, you can design tailored protection according to your needs. To do so, we offer the most comprehensive accident insurance. There are significant payouts in the event of death or permanent disability (up to five times the insured amount for serious disability), and optional covers for accidents caused by a heart attack or stroke. Because we think about people who are exposed to situations that alter their stability.


Basic covers:

  • Death or permanent disability.
  • We guarantee the capital you select in the event of death or permanent serious disability due to an accident. We also include payouts for certain processes and procedures (such as inheritance tax prepayments), settling outstanding credit card balances, and modifying a person’s home or vehicle for a disability. In the event of partial permanent disability, we offer partial compensation based on the long-term damage.
  • Additional capital in the event of an accident on a regular line of public transportation (plane, train or boat).
  • 24-hour telephone counselling helpline.


The insurance that fits your needs.

You can also add guaranteed death and permanent disability benefits to your policy, along with interesting and advisable alternatives such as:

  • Heart attack or stroke: This cover protects you and your loved ones by providing compensation in the event of cardiomyopathy, stroke or heart attack. This cover is created for people who are exposed to chronic stress.
  • Cosmetic plastic surgery: We cover the medical expenses for cosmetic plastic surgery during the three-year period following an accident.
  • Temporary disability due to accident: We provide a daily allowance if you are unable to work on a full-time basis because of an accident. This means that your way of life is not affected.
  • Medical expenses from an accident: We pay for the medical assistance, medicine, hospital stay and rehabilitation resulting from an accident.
  • Hospitalisation compensation: We provide you with daily benefits for hospitalisation due to illness or accident. The amount paid is doubled for ICU stays.
  • Civil liability: We cover the cost of claims for bodily injury or property damage to third parties.


All the care you need

We also include at no additional cost:

  • Assistance for you.
  • You will have access to an ambulance service and a nurse during the period of convalescence. In the event of an emergency, we will deliver medicine to your home.
  • Assistance for your loved ones.
  • We handle custody matters for dependant minors by making travel arrangements to the home of the person who will care for them. If you have pets, we will also find and pay someone to take care of them.
  • Assistance for your home.
  • We will cover the cost of a home assistant during the first week.



AXA Franchise Services: A world of services for you, at very competitive prices:

  • Wellness treatments and services such as balneotherapy, acupuncture, eye care, therapy, pedagogy, cosmetic plastic surgery, etc., all at the best centres.
  • Personal assistance for the elderly and dependants, including physical care, accompaniment, home assistance (domestic assistance, removing architectural barriers), remote assistance, housing, etc.